A New Beginning, New Thoughts 2

Failure at something is the greatest fear of a woman. It is however the simplest to conquer. The love that radiates in us as women is very great and when utilized appropriately, it can take us anywhere. We can do anything as we are powerful and the strength and discipline that we were created with should be enough for us to conquer the world without a hint of fear. Failure and fear are demons that walk hand in hand to plague people but we say enough is enough. Read the passage indicated above and say it repeatedly to yourself in the moment of doubt of your abilities.

Many women start off on a journey of self discovery without a plan and a strategy. They get to the middle of the road and get stuck due to lack of direction. This can be caused by a lot of things even by an unsure husband of a faithless marriage to one. A future endeavor without a strong plan will only result to being a waste of time. It is true that sometimes we are so eager to start that we forget to make necessary preparations for the unexpected.

But when we find ourselves in this predicament, we need not despair or lose focus. Remember the word of God that says in Proverbs 3 verse five, “trust in the Lord with all your heart; don’t depend on your understanding but seek his will in all that you do and he will then show you which path to take.”

He knows all the right direction when you are at a crossroad. The journey might have been tiring but it is never too late to call on him to give you a new direction. You might have followed your husband to this crossroad or even you might loose him due to your lagging behind but he is just a prayer away. He is sure to lead you towards that destination of grace and abundant marital success. We all need a helping hand and he is just but a few sentences of prayer away from hearing you.  When the demon called lack of direction calls on you, push it off and hold out your hand for God to take you there.

For whatever reason, many had led themselves to a path where they are lost as to where they are going or coming from. They have dug a hole and walked right into it due to neglect and ignorance. Reverend Deji Dania said in his book; The Rib Factor, that women are the remedy to any malady as caused by her. We might have lost it but when we seek counsel, we are sure to find it. The answer is often right there in front of us, already made by us even.

Grief had taken a heavy toll on many and had made them to lose their faith in all that is good and their spiritual wellbeing. This is not a way to go please. The holy book says that even though we walk through the valley of the shadow of death, we should FEAR NO EVIL. The Almighty is with us and will be there to comfort us. The comfort that is gotten from his words and his grace is not the kind that leaves us when time lapses. It is everlasting for as long as we continue to do his will.

Grief is not something that anyone would pray for but when it happens, learn to lean heavily towards him for comfort. Thinking, causing yourself pain, laying blame on anyone will not give you what you need. Run to him, seek his face, open your heart to him and let him carry your burden. It is your weapon to fight this demon.

The demons in our life that continually find its ways unto our paths will not do us any harm. We are equipped with a powerful tool called prayer in the word of God and common sense. Be not be afraid of that foul-looking, fire-spitting dragon, your Joseph (or Josephine as this case is) will defeat it in an instant. 


A New Beginning, New Thoughts.

You are never too old to set another goal or to dream a new dream.”
C.S. Lewis

Enough is enough where we have to beg and cringe at each wall that seems to close up on us. Everything seem to be coming right at us and we get pretty scared. Left, right and center; it seems the world is becoming smaller and smaller. To the scared cats, everyone is out to get them. You need to pause and start a new line of thought. It doesn’t matter what age you are or how far gone you are, what matters is that you are able to realize that the path you are taking, is not yours to take.

It is the desire of our creator for us as his creations to live a life that is meaningful, peaceful and a life that has direction that will lead to heaven. His intent when he started creation was not to create a bunch of goalless and proud beings that will make no difference in the world. His heart was to give us the grace to be abundant and serve him wholly and fully but circumstances have changed the mindset of many and they have forgotten their purposes. They need to be reminded in spite of all that might overwhelm them.

We all have the demons that we continually face in our day to day living and those that threaten our faith and our life. These demons come in different shapes and characters and the ones that give us the most harm are the ones we created with our carelessness. Lack of faith or loss of faith has left many to retire deeper into the clutches of these demons.

God didn’t create anyone to suffer or to be afflicted by pain and diseases or tribulations.

Job of the bible was one of those that were faced with the worst tribulations anyone could ever imagine. He was tried with all sorts of afflictions but his faith remained steadfast and his praises of the most high remained on his lips till the very end.  Many will always ponder on why they are faced with one suffering or the other. They wonder if God was testing them and even if, what they could do to make it stop.

Women are often the worst to deal with trials and tribulations. We are gentle and vulnerable and most events affect us the hardest and the fastest. For the sake of making it easier and simpler, I am going to touch on the simplest demons that affect almost every woman and how we can find solace in the word of God during these times.

The first one I want to mention is the fear of failing. Yes, many women are out there facing this problem and wondering how best to deal with it. Many have dealt with it only to be thrust into a deeper mess. Fear is something that many of us feel. It is a shadow that looms over our head and makes us wander in unclear directions and with uncertainty in every stride we take.

In second Timothy chapter seven, we were told that God did not give us a spirit of fear and timidity but of love, power and self discipline.

(to be continued)

Peace And Stress: How We Can Create A Way Out.

When we talk about serenity, warmth, peace, calmness and a stress-free being; we are lost as to why we can not seem to be identified with these things and it bugs us. The things of the world and the expectations of the society we live in have left many of us to wonder why we actually even bother to wake up each day. We start to think of the negativity of it all and some of us even wonder if we actually deserve to be among the living. But do know that this extremity does not do us any good. They are as a result of us not seeing the beauty in ourselves and listening to what others, that has even the worst of all skeletons in their cupboards, say to us.
We should know one thing; everyone has his or her own problems. There is no one that is devoid of inner demons We all have our demons that knack at us each time we open our hearts and mind to it. I am not saying however that we should ignore it, all I am saying is that we should try to find an equilibrium before these things that bother us so much rule our life and make us miserable for life. We all have our ways to find inner peace. We all have something already built-in us that make us strong. We have that ability to define ourselves and declare to the world of what we are capable of and how we intend to make it work for us and how we intend to make ourselves happy against all odds. It is a self-declaration of peace that will bring relief and make us start seeing the world and our living in a new light.
This brings me to the issue of life and living. Life is a very complex and complicated issue. Nobody seems to understand why it is the way it is. We all have our various definition of what life. Some find peace in religion while others find their answers in science but whichever way we might want to view it, life is worth living as it is a very precious gift. Our life will always be stress-filled, it is not uncommon for us as human beings. Something will always surface once in a while that will make us question who we are and what our purpose in life is. The negative will always threaten the positive. The odds will always be too much for our minds to take but we need to step away from it all and see things in a different light.
When we say that our life is going nowhere, it means that we lack direction and the result or solution to this is not far-fetched. We need to retrace our steps and take a new path. It is nothing everyone that has the ability to know what their mistakes are. But when you know what you are doing wrong, then you know how to correct it. We live in a complex society, so peace and calm is not something that will just create itself. We need to find it so that we will find ourselves in all the madness around us.
Many of us lock ourselves in the search for worldly comforts that might not even give us the peace we crave. We work day and night for what? Is it money? Money does not bring happiness to everyone that has it. We need to find time for us. We need to create time for our minds to be calm and enjoy what it has around it. We all need to find that thing that really makes us happy. We need to re-evaluate and re-discover who we are and what we want to do for the rest of our life. If it is what we are presently doing, then we are on the right path and all we need do is to make ourselves to see why it makes us happy and endeavor to do it well.
The world is a big place with millions of people like you and I going through the same thing. This singular fact is an indicator that we are not alone. We need to take a breather and take up a new interest in happenings around the world. We need to stop being selfish and be thankful for the life we have and the peace we can find in it if we try harder. We should see through the eyes of others and this way we can see our peace and solutions in the eyes of those that trust in us.

Musings Of A Heart That Loves.

“A loving heart is the beginning of all knowledge.”
Thomas Carlyle

Let us agree on something before I forge ahead; love means a lot of things to a lot of people, right? The love that a person feels for another is not the same as someone else feels for yet another person, yes? Okay, love is what I love to call a ‘gentle complication’. Do you know why? It is because it comes with a lot of emotions and when handled wrongly, it can turn your life upside down and inside out in a matter of seconds. 

A heart that beats for a purpose keeps that pace for a long while. If nothing stops it, it goes thump…thump…thump…. in a rhythmic flow that soothes the body that carries such lucky heart. But now imagine if there is a complication. This complication might come from a lot of things and in a lot of ways, this beating heart that seems to have no care in the world starts to race. This racing heart isn’t just racing because it’s excited, well, not all the time anyway, but it is because something has prompted it to shift. This shift might not be good, in fact, it is not always good and what does this change spell?…a broken heart. If it races at a pace that the body; which is the vessel, can’t control, then there is fire on the mountain. It is time for someone to run…run…run!! 
A loving heart is ready to give everything in its power to make sure there is radiance and warmth everywhere. A loving heart knows when to give a smile to ease sadness. A loving heart knows when to give a nod of acknowledgement to a self-doubting soul. A loving heart will take time out to find out the why and how of a thing. Such heart will take it upon itself to find out all that has to be found out to ascertain that whatever problem there is gets solved. A loving heart will never turn an eye when it sees evil. A loving heart will go through fire for the purpose of peace and mutual well-being. 

A world devoid of loving hearts is a rotten world that is waiting to crumble. This is not rocket science, when you love your neighbor as yourself; if he is a pedophile, it is up to you to get him arrested and taken into solitude for his own good and for the good of others. It is a way of cleaning the bad air, one deed at a time. 

Seriously, I love this quote. It makes my heart beat in a good way. I see myself as world-less but if I get invited to a world where there is love at every turn, please sign me up, pronto!

#I remain Tai, the naijarian!

What Makes A Man.

A very good friend of mine once told me that being true to one’s self is the first step to understanding how to excel. I disagreed with him and we had a bit of a scuffle over it.

*yes, I admit, I can be very argumentative, I don’t apologize for it. I’m just a curious cat…lol… gotten me in and out of trouble but hey! I’m still here…lol*

Anyway, I realized that as much as I would like to disagree with his opinion, it is a possibility. But my disagreement was based on the fact that people have lost what it takes to be true to themselves. The reality they had to build for many reasons has distorted their true essence. The life they had live has become what they believe in, so stepping back becomes hard work.

How does a criminal mind work? I work in the legal unit of a government parastatal and I have come across so many of these people. One thing remain constant, it was never always their faults, they say. One way or the other, the reality of their acts eludes them. They don’t have any essence not to talk of discovering what it is. A child born into vile, and of parents with twisted mind of social misconception comes to mind. These kids have a 70-30 chance of being social misfits.

How do they know who they are when they have had no choice but to believe their parent’s reality. It is this reality they know and would live on/with. But ask yourselves, is that their reality even though they’d have to live it? Does this person have an essence that’s true to him/her? Wouldn’t his adult life be marred by the distorted reality he’d come to grow up in?

In my friend, Uyi Chris’ book, LIFE: SENTIMENTS AND REALITY, it opens the eyes of people to how damaging living a life of sentiment can be. When we hold on to the comfort of our innocent childhood into adulthood, the reality of how life truly is can make many loose their ways.

What makes a man?

Is it his wealth? Could it be his position or his status? Many may even say that it’s his religion. Well, to each his own. But in my own candid opinion, a man is never a man until he knows what kind of man he is. You can have all the wealth in the world and still feel less than a man. You can control the richest economy in the universe and still not feel that excitement within you.

What makes a man, I dare to ask again?
What makes a man is that thing that makes him sleep with content. It is knowing he is where he is supposed to be, emphasis on knowing. Many are plagued with the thoughts of, “I shouldn’t be here,” “I can’t do this, this isn’t who I am,” and yet they stay there for years. To the world, that is who they are. Now, is that who they truly are?

A friend of mine, Barrister Tony Ogah, once came up with an idea to write a story about men with multi-personalities. It was a tough one but we are making half progress *smiles*. Do you know why? Because the reality of it is that, how do you pinpoint the right persona and not the acquired ones. We had a study subject, anyway, and he made it so difficult.

A man is never a man until he knows what kind of man he is. When he discovers himself, it takes a long time most times, he starts to live a life of ease. Even in the times of difficulties, he still remains at ease. That’s what a man that knows himself should be. His essence start to manifest itself in ways that will bring no controversy. People would be like, “he should have done this a long time ago!”

That’s the essence of a man and sometimes it doesn’t always involve being true to yourself, but most times it is knowing what to be true to.

Women, God And Everything In Between:10


God is the essence of love. He is patient, kind and so is love. The Bible says that love shows no envy nor does it boast or show pride. There is never a record of wrong doing when there is love and all evils does not get a happy thought with love. Love never fails; (I Corinthians 13 verse 4).

We can see how simple God’s description of love is. The mere fact that he is love makes us know what his characters are; loving, forgiving and gentle.

Now we are seeing love as God. Just like he doesn’t force anyone to accept him so does love. His true children come to Him out of their will and for their acknowledgement of Him being the author and finisher of their faith. And many wonder why we are so happy serving our Lord.

Love as seen in God does not turn away from anyone because of their wrong doings. There is kindness in such love. There is truth and the grace of thanksgiving in such love. Everyone that experiences this love has abundance of peace and joy. When this kind of love is in a person, one lives happily and humbly with their neighbors.

God is love and His love made us. This earth is what it is because of His love. It is written in John 3 verse 16 that for God so loved the world that He gave His only son for us to believe in so that we can have eternal life. No one can give that great a gift without having a level of love for the receiver of such gift.

God made us understand that love is one of His attributes. Everything that we see or envision as the traits of God lies in perfect harmony with each other. He does everything He does out of His love for us, His creations.

What we know as true love is just a percentage of what true love actually is as seen in God. But we have been given the grace to receive in this wonderful gift of loving by accepting Jesus into our life.

We are wonderfully made for a unique purpose. The women of this world are there as a reminder to our men that God loves all mankind. He could have decided to leave man to live by himself but He felt the need to create a being that would show Him love and affection and be a helping hand to Him.

We are there to help the men remember why God is the only one that can make everything wrong to become right. We are the day to day reminder when we give our unconditional love to our spouses and our children and help them discover who they can be in Christ.

God loves us greatly by creating us in His image. Mankind is what it is out of the flow of His love and grace. Let’s embrace this fact and live right by it at all times and all through our days.

the words of my fingers to the delight of your eyes!